Premium Scented and Decorative Candles

A wide variety of scented and decorative candles that accommodate the diverse tastes of candle users.

christmas candle

Festive Carved Christmas Candles

Enhance your holiday festivities with one of our 14 carved Christmas candles with various themes: Santa, Snowman, Angel, Candy Cane, Nativity, Guadalupe Virgin and Snowflakes.
candle being carved

Beautiful Hand Carved Candles

Each of these exquisite hand carved candles is a unique object d'art that can be used as a dramatic centerpiece or a stylish decor accent.
aromatherapy candles

Premium Aromatherapy Candles

Explore our wonderful selection of aromatherapy candles with offerings that appeal to aromatherapy novices and long-term practitioners alike.
unity candle ceremony

Wedding Unity Candle Sets

This extensive collection of hand carved wedding unity candles makes it easy to find the perfect set of wedding unity candles for your nuptials.