Jar Aromatherapy Candle Gift Sampler

apothecary jar aromatherapy candleEven when not in use as containers for aromatherapy candles, the classic jars in this aromatherapy candle gift sampler lend charm and elegance to their surroundings. Their graceful designs evoke the perfect ambience for indulging in aromatherapy and enhance the effect of the candles' expertly blended scents. Aromatherapy enthusiasts will appreciate receiving this premium candle sampler that provides nearly 200 hours of aromatherapy enjoyment. The aromatherapy jar candle gift sampler allows you to select the aromatherapy blend for each candle style. You have a choice of Relaxation (lavender, lemon grass, grapefruit and vanilla), Serenity (freshly cut ginger and citrus), Soothing (green tea and French vanilla), Tranquility (lavender and vanilla) or Refreshing (eucalyptus and peppermint) blends.

made in USA Jar Aromatherapy Candles Gift Sampler
Price: $31.00


Aromatherapy blends and ingredients

  • Refreshing: eucalyptus and peppermint
  • Relaxation: lavender, lemon grass, grapefruit and vanilla
  • Serenity: freshly cut ginger and citrus
  • Soothing: green tea and French vanilla
  • Tranquility: lavender and vanilla

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