Premium Food and Drink Candles

Food and drink candles add a visually festive touch to their surroundings even while unlit, and once lighted they complete the illusion with their wonderful fragrances. Here is a collection of premium food and drink candles that can serve as calorie-free comfort food substitutes, evoke a homey ambience, and liven up social gatherings. Friends and guests will do a doubletake when they first see these replicas of desserts, beverages and condiments in your kitchen or dining room and smell their amazingly true scents. Food and drink candles are a natural fit for house warmings or real estate showings—they make charming, inexpensive gifts.

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Deceptively realistic pie candles that smell heavenly

Your kitchen will appear as if you've been busy baking when you place one of these highly scented pie candles out on the counter. Our pie candles are available in peach, blueberry, cherry, apple, pumpkin, and banana cream fragrances, in either 5-inch or 9-inch foil tins.

made in USA 9-inch Pie Candles
Price: $17.50 each


5-inch Pie Candles
Price: $13.50 each



Parfait candles look and smell good enough to eat

Parfait candles look and smell good enough to eat, and their relatively small size - 3" x 3 1/2" - makes it easy to place them almost anywhere. Each of these scented faux food candles is layered with a colored base, a thick crust, and topped with scented wax fruit. Available in six heavenly fragrances - apple, blueberry, cherry, pumpkin, banana cream, and peach - parfait candles make great gifts and party favors.

Parfait Candles
Price: $13.00 each



Pan candles are made to order for kitchens

Scented pan candles come in an unusual container - a 5 1/4" diameter cast iron skillet - and they all have a unique look with bits of wax nuts, berries, and other accents to finish them off. These charming candles are available in 22 food-themed scents and designs. They are a great addition to any kitchen and make excellent house warming gifts.

Pan Candles
Price: $23.50 each



Cake candles are available in 19 delicious bakery fragrances

These highly scented cake candles are designed to resemble a small - 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" - frosted cake with a hand-poured glaze. They consist of four sections of colored and scented wax ... the core, the whipping, the colored icing, and the glaze; available in 19 delicious bakery fragrances.

cranberry crumb cake candle
Cake Candles (shown: Cranberry Crumb)

Cake Candles
Price: $15.00 each



Bahama Mama candles add a splash of the tropics

Our Bahama Mama candle is scented with fresh coconut and juicy mango fragrances. Topped with an orange slice and a cherry, it comes in a stylish bamboo shaped drinking glass that will provide a festive touch to your home, events, or restaurant tables. The 16 oz. Bahama Mama candle is 6 3/4" tall and will burn for approximately 90 hours.

Bahama Mama candle
Bahama Mama Candles

Bahama Mama Candles
Price: $17.00 each


Strawberry daiquiri candles look good enough to drink

Strawberry Daiquiri candles are made with palm wax that crystallizes when it cures making the wax look like a frozen drink topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. We hand pour these scented candles into a stylish drinking glass that can be kept and used once the candle has been burned and cleaned out. These strawberry scented candles look amazing and smell even better.

strawberry daiquiri candle
Strawberry Daiquiri Candles

Strawberry Daiquiri Candles
Price: $17.00 each