Pillar Candle Gift Set

Pillar Candle Gift SetThree long-burning pillars of different scents comprise the ever-popular pillar candle gift set. It is a versatile present for anyone who likes candles because there are eight pillar candle gift set themes to choose from: Aromatherapy, Bakery (2), Berry, Citrus, Coffee, Floral, Fruit, and Holiday. With the combined burn time of the three pillars approaching 150 hours, the pillar candle gift set will be enjoyed by the recipient for a long time.

made in USA Pillar Candle Gift Set
Contents: Three 3" x 3 1/2" pillar candles
Price: $20.00


Pillar candle gift set themes and scents

  • Aromatherapy - Relaxation (lavender, lemon grass, grapefruit and vanilla); Serenity (freshly cut ginger and citrus); Tranquility (lavender and vanilla)
  • Bakery 1 - Pumpkin Pie, Spiced Cookie, Spiced Pear
  • Bakery 2 - Gingerbread, Baked Apple Pie, Carrot Cake
  • Berry - Mulberry, Raspberry, Blueberry
  • Citrus - Fresh Lemon, Orange Vanilla, Lime
  • Coffee - Hazelnut Coffee, Cappuccino, Fresh Brewed Coffee
  • Floral - Fresh Floral, Sunflower, White Rose
  • Fruit - Mango, Tropical Fruit, Granny Smith Apple
  • Holiday - Cinnamon Cider, Apple Cider, Peppermint